Dear watch lover,

After 20 years as a Seiko mod specialist I have had thousands of watches in my hands and often thought to myself: can this be done better and more beautiful?

Together with 3 friends: a well-known graphic designer living in Italy, a Swiss watch-specialist and entrepreneur, and a marketing expert, I have started from scratch to fulfill this boyhood dream! This mindset stood at the basis of the three models set to be presented soon under the Ligure Scuba Dive Watches branding. The name is indicative of my favorite holiday destination in Italy, where tens of shipwrecks lie and the underwater world is often described as the most beautiful in Europe.

Very soon we are ready to present this new diver’s watch series to the world. Before that, you can take a look at the specs below. Would you like to be one of the first to have a glimpse of the designs of the watches and release date? Follow the link to the LIGURE website and subscribe.

We hope you will get excited as we are!

Rob van Herpt

Founder of